Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello November

Hello there;

Where is this year going seriously?!! November already. 

Hello November
What happened in October;

October was amazing! Full of such fun things and exciting blogging milestones!

- As I said in my Hello October post, I reach 500 followers. I am now SO close to 600. Another 100 followers in a month, crazyyyy!

- I went to Pro Beauty North with 2 of my best friends. It was a lovely day!

- I went to Fabb Birmingham and it was incredible. More on that here.

- My 500 follower giveaway is a massive success. Click here to enter, you only have a few more days left to enter!

- I was in a local paper, Nottingham Saturday Post. That really was crazy, to see my face in a paper that thousand of people read.

What is happening in November;

- BONFIRE NIGHT. I love Bonfire night. 

- My giveaway is ending I can't wait to see who the winner will be!

- I have a week off work, we all know I love my time off work.

Up to yet, that is all I know. But you know I will fill you all in on Twitter with what I have going off :)

What have you got planned for November?

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  1. Congrats on reaching 500 follower and now nearly 600! Have a lovely November!

  2. October was such a great month! Let's hope November is just as good :D xo

  3. October has flown by Sian! I still can't get over that there is only 2 months left of this year! Hope you have a fab week off! For me now up until the end of the year will be work work work as this is my peek time! I'll need a week off in Jan to get over it no doubt! xx

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  4. Thank you hun :) And you too!


  5. Haha yes you will need that week off!


  6. I like it when you have weeks off work :) means I can see you a little more!

    Charli | Charlotte Rose


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