Monday, 8 September 2014

Nail Magic*

Hello there;

Now I am not one to talk about nail products on here. But one of my biggest pet peeves in my life is how much my nails snap. My job is very harsh on my hands. I work in chillers so I am constantly fighting a battle with dry hands. And the gloves (that I usually forget to put on) means my nails get a real battering. So when I was given the opportunity to try a nail strengthener, I was all over it. 

Jica Nail Magic
The Nail Magic from Jica Beauty is a nail hardener and a conditioner. A two in one product, a lazy persons dream right?

The Nail Magic, claims to "Nail Magic Nail Treatment and Conditioner has been proven effective in the treatment of Thin Nails, Weak Nails, Splitting Nails, Peeling Nails, Damaged Nails and Chipping Nails. Long, strong nails in just six weeks guaranteed!! We are so confident you will be happy with Nail Magic we offer you a money back guarentee if you are not satisfied." Taken from their website here.

A very bold statement to make. I suffer very badly with peeling nails and weak nails. On first use with this I noticed that it has the typical nail polish smell, which for me is great I love it. The brush is a little flimsy so just watch out for that. I wasn't paying 100% attention at first with this due to singing my heart out. And ended up with it all over my fingers! The formula dries very quickly. Which is ideal for me. It advises you to apply two thin coats of the Nail Magic. So after 10 minutes you are done. 

Can we just take out 2 minutes to appreciate the packaging. I love me some purple and gold. 

Jica Nail Magic

Did it work though?

Kinda. Like I said my job is VERY tough on my hands. I did notice that my nails didn't snap as frequent but they still did end up being broken once they reached a certain length. But I am not disappointed in this product at all. In fact if I didn't work where I did. I do thin that Nail Magic would be an absolutely staple in my nail care routine. What I will be using this for now mainly is as a base coat when applying my nail polishes. I have used it a couple of times and boy it works wonders! 

Have you used Nail Magic before?!

*This was sent to me to try out in my own time. All views are my own


  1. I need something like this, my nails have started breaking really easily again :( need to invest in a product like this!

    Charlotte Rose

  2. Ooh this sounds wonderful. And I really like the packaging, it looks so classy!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. It is a great lil varnish :)


  4. Ooh it sounds like magic :D haha. I love stuff like this, as my nails always break and it's cheaper than OPI Nail Envy too xx

    Gemma |


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