Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My Perfect Imperfections

Hello there;

I thought I would jump on this old tag and open up to you guys a little. Obviously you hardly know me, even from my Ask Siân Marie post it still doesn't show the real me. Id say only a few people other than my family will ever know me 100%. 

My bestie Charlotte Rose, did this tag and I found it quite inspiring and wanted to give it ago myself. It has took me a while to actually do this post because I have had to think hard what my 3 "imperfections" are and what my 3 "perfections" are.

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1. How I talk.

I suppose from what I put into my posts, you have imagined how I speak? I know I do it with other peoples blogs. Well from what you think and how I am is probably a million miles away. I have a stutter that comes out when I am either excited or stressed/nervous. It drives me insane not being able to get my words out. And if someone is to take the piss out of me about it. Be prepared for backlash. I HATE it. I am fully aware I have took 2 minutes of your time to say scissors, I do NOT need reminding about it. 

And finally I have a lisp. Yep, I wasn't at the front of the queue when they gave our voices. A lot people find it cute and endearing. I find it the complete opposite. Granted I don't often hear it in myself, but again its when people pick up on it. Urgh no, hate it. 

Also what mean sod put a S in lisp, when we can't pronounce it. Cruel cruel person.

2. My weight

I used to be as skinny as they came, 6 pack was fit as a fiddle. Then I hit 16 - 17? And my high metabolism stopped. 

Now don't get me wrong, I am not massive. Probably the average UK size really. But when you were so used to fitting in size 6-8 clothes being double that is just awful. I am trying to get myself back into check. I personally don't want to go back down to a size 6. But I want to be healthier and slightly skinnier than I am now. 

If you read my New Years Resolution post, you will know that it was one of my resolutions. And I can reports that since I started eating better (I actually started mid December), I have lost half a stone. I know its not loads, but knowing I have made half a stone I am SO proud of myself. I just need to shift the rest.

R.I.P Pizza.

3. I don't make plans

This is not a physical thing. But I am rubbish at making plans. I am never the one to text someone and say "you free on Thursday? Wanna do something?". Nope I always wait for plans to be made for me and I will let said person know if I can make it or not. 

I like my own company, as I type this I should be at a party but I decided to stay in and have a night to myself instead. Its not that I am antisocial. I love a good party. I just have to be in the right frame of mind or I will sit there, being mardy and hating every second. And nobody needs that at their party do they?


1. Planning my life.

A slight contradiction to above. But I do have my life planned out in my head. Now it may not go how I want it to. Like my original plan was to be married with a baby by the time I was 25. Well I am 25 in July. And I not pregnant and not even engaged. So I have now moved that to 30, maybe I will have more success with that one. 

2. Confident

When I was younger I was so shy, to the point that if I saw a school friend in town I would look to the floor and pretend I wasn't even there. Speaking in front of the class would terrify me. (Not good for my stutter).

But when I started working I HAD to talk to people, I was around strangers all day everyday when I was there. This helped me find my voice and to stand my ground. I have had a fair few arguments while at work and I do not back down now when I know I am right. Also I don't think twice when talking to a crowd. I do get that little bubble of adrenaline but I am not scared.

I had to ask my boyfriend about my perfections and this is a snippet of the text I got "You are confident and your personality shines through in a crowd". How lovely is it to think someone thinks of you that way.

3. I love

I am the most loyal person when I love you. If you are family, my boyfriend or a friend. If I love you, I love you good. 

If you are down, I will try my best to pick you up again. If you are scared, I will hold your hand through them times. If you want to just talk, I won't tell no one else. 

It is something I pride myself on. I am a fantastic friend and one hell of a girlfriend. 

This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Well the imperfections were easy, it is so easy to see the worst in yourself. But I really struggled when it came to my perfections. I literally couldn't think of a single one. 

Now I am not going to tag anyone in this, I want people to do this at their own free will.


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  1. Oh my days, I have a stammer & a lisp, too.
    I had to have speech therapy as a kid and even now my boyfriend will laugh at me about my lisp which makes me super cranky! So weird.

    Awesome post! :) x

    1. Ive never had speech therapy, I asked for it loads when I was younger but never got it.

      My boyfriend knows better than to take the piss outta mine. He's been on the bad end of that too many times. Plus he has a slight lisp too :p


  2. So glad you finally did this :)

    I love you, you beautiful lispy being <3 I wouldn't change you for the world

    1. Told you it was a scary one for me :p

      Love you too

  3. Great post! I love reading tags. x

    The Beauty Scrapbook | Urban Decay giveaway currently under way!


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