Thursday, 20 March 2014

Life In Letters.

Hello there;

My dear friend Charlotte Rose, recently did this tag and well tagged me in it. 
So here is my life in letters. I hope you enjoy it :)

A is for Apple - I am a Apple girl through and through. No not the fruit, silly billy. I have a Macbook Pro, iPhone 5, several generations of iPods and my boyfriend has a iMac. I adore these machines. Yes they are a little over priced, but yano what I don't care. My Macbook is my baby and I don't go a day without using it. 

B is for Blog - What else is B going to be meant for. This blog has started to take over my life, especially my days off work. I really enjoy just sitting here and typing whatever falls out of my head.

C is for Charlotte - Oh Charlotte Boylett. Where do I begin? 2009 we started and I don't see an end in sight. We have had our ups and downs, we have watched each other grow up, age wise and actually get old... Who would have thought we would be where we are now? No one can come between us, as we always end up back together and better than ever. You are my world. Please don't ever leave.

D is for Daddy - Dad, I know you read this. So here is your little internet space of me saying that I love you.

E is for Español - Or Spain as you probably know it, but I couldn't think of anything for E. I love holidays in Spain, can't beat the sun, sea and sand. I also love how cheap they are and how enjoyable the holidays are! I have been to several places all over Spain and there are so many more places I want to visit!

F is for Friends - I have a lot of friends, I can't post a photo of them all, as I don't own one. But I love my friends! Hi if you are reading :)

G is for Games - I love the Sims, Tapped Out, Animal Crossing, Pokemon and any game to do with horses. 

H is for Horses - What a nice follow on. I have been riding since I was 5 years old. Yes, that is almost 20 years. I don't get chance to ride a lot now. But when I do, I love every second of it. It is my aim in life to own my own horse again. I loved having Willow in my life, the joy it brought. So when I am older and can afford it. I WILL have my own again.

I is for Internet - Where would we be without it? That is all.

J is for Job - I am a full time working in retail. I love it some times, I hate it others. But gotta earn a living haven't you.

K is for Kisses - I love kissing. Waking up and kissing my boyfriend is one of my favourite things to do. Who doesn't love kisses :)

L is for Love - Sorry Boylett, copied you on this one. I love love. There is no better feeling than knowing someone loves you. That smile off your boyfriend, when he gives you "that look", and your insides turn to mush. Oh I love it. Granted it is not always rainbows and picnics, but if you really love someone. You fight for it.

M is for Mummy - Yes Mum, I know you read this too. And here is your little internet space of me saying I love you :)

N is for Name - I never really liked my name when I was younger. No one had ever heard of it, they didn't know how to pronounce it, (some people still can't). But now I am older, I do like my name. It is unusual and different! Yay for Siân.

O is for Orlando - I LOVE America! Love it. I have been to Orlando twice and would love to go back and explore it now as an adult. 

P is for Palmer - Yano that boy that I just simple adore. I can still remember the first time we met and I got that little leap of excitement in my belly. Who is this boy?! He never left my life after that. We stayed friends for years. Then one drunken night changed it all. I ruined his life and made him fall in love with me ooopss. Im sure he forgives me though. David Palmer, I love you. 

Q is for Quiet - I love my own company. I will happily sit in a room, on my laptop, not talking and be perfectly happy.

R is for Red - No not the colour. The album, by Taylor Swift. I love Taylor and couldn't use her for S. So I made the connection. Aren't I clever :)

S is for Skittles - I do like the sweets but I am on about my budgie. I have hay fever so I am quite limited to what pets I can own. Luckily for me though, I love birds and I love budgies. They are so comical! 

T is for Twitter - Before starting my blog, I hardly used it. I would have a phase every 6 months and then stop using it for another 6 months. But now I am on it constantly. 

U is for UTube - Yes I know ive cheated again here, but hey, do you care? I know I don't. I love chilling out and watching videos on there. 

V is for Vanity - I guess as a beauty blogger, you have to have some form of vanity to want to try out different products and take photos for this. I wouldn't say I am vain. But I like to look good and make what I put on here the best I can do!

W is for Water - I love being by water, the sea, pool, river or lake. I feel so much better when I am near water.

X is for Xcited - I get excited over the smallest things. I am forever counting down to something! 

Y is for You - If it wasn't for you, yes you reading this, I wouldn't be here now. I have only been doing this blog properly since January and it has come on so far. So thank you for being here and helping me progress! 

Z is for Zebra - Its a horse with stripes on. Whats not to love?! 

There are a couple of people who I want to do this next they are:
And anyone else who wants to have a go :)


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  1. I LOVE THIS Sian!!!!! I bet this took a while to think of each word! ‏

    1. Awh thanks Julie :) I really enjoyed doing this!


  2. Lovely post Sian! I love Taylor Swift too! <3 Think I may do this tag at some point :) xo

    1. Do it Megan :) Its so fun to do :D!



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