Monday, 11 November 2013

Katie Nails #2

Hello there;

I can't believe how well my last post on my nails went, people from all over the world viewed it. So thank you to you, if you read it!

It's already been 3 weeks since I had them done and boy was they ready for doing again. I had completely lost a little finger nail and half of my thumb nail. But other than that, they stayed pretty well. I had LOADS of compliments on them, so well done Katie for you excellent work.

Now the idea of Katie doing my nails is so she can play and try new ideas. We knew we wanted sparkles on this attempt. Glitter and more glitter. Katie already had an idea in her head, I just needed to pick my colours.
I had a choice on my glitters, although we didn't know if a fine glitter or a slightly bulkier one would be better, so after a quick test run on them both we went for the larger one.

This is what I went for. 

Katie herself was wearing the Gelish "Fashionable Slate" and it is a gorgeous dark grey colour, I knew I had to have that on my nails this time round. I also chose this colour as I thought the pink would really bounce off it. Plus I absolutely love the colour combination.

This was the process, as you can see we don't do tidy very well. 
You can see the different glitters I had to choose from. Very hard choice really. 
The first thing Katie did was get the right shade of grey on my nails, which I think took 2 or 3 applications of the Gelish nail gel... 

Then we had the hard task of getting the glitter onto the nail. Katie had mixed up some glue with water and applied that to my nail, and initially she just poured the glitter on. THIS WENT EVERYWHERE! We knew we had to re think this.  Which we did and the new method worked very well by using a clean brush to tip little amounts onto the wet glue and to catch the excess in the lid of the glitter pot.

Once all of my nails were completed, Katie used a structure gel to keep the glue in place and also to level off my nail a little as glitter is rather bumpy. After this she applied a top coat. 

And voila new nails.

Sadly this photo doesn't do them justice as it really doesn't show just how sparkly they are.
Once again though, I love them! 

If you live in the Mansfield area and would like your nails doing or any other treatment she supplies, please click on the following link and speak to Katie.

Thank you Katie :)



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