Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A Lush Bath Time #3

Hello there;

This blog is turning into a right little Lush blog. Don't worry my next one will be make up. I 100% promise. After watching Fleur De Force's Lush haul I was so desperate to try the "So White" bath bomb.

What Lush say;

£3.25 each -

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A bath bomb as pure as the driven snow, with a secret pink centre for a rose coloured bath.

What I say;

Mine sadly didn't look much like the pictures on the website, there is no Lush on it and it was very chipped around the edges. Little bits on the pink inners was showing through. But hey, I guess they can't be perfect. 

Through my snotty nose, I could smell a slight hint of crisp apple, I just wished I could fully appreciate this smell if I wasn't so poorly.

When it first went into the water it does look a little boring. It took a while for the pink to emerge from the bath bomb. But once it did the bath went a lovely light pink colour. 

Can I just say, how impressed I am with this bath bomb. It took almost half a hour to fully dissolve, which I am completely shocked with as most take roughly 10 minutes. So super impressed with its staying powers! 

The longer I was in the bath the more my head cleared and the smell from this is amazing, a real clean smell. The apple fragrance does come through and it made my entire bathroom smell of it for hours after. Again, really impressed with that.

It didn't leave my skin feeling as soft as some of the other bath bombs I have used. You could still defiantly feel a silkiness on my skin but it didn't last for much longer after. 

But all in all, I adored this bath bomb and I am going to stock up on them once I get paid again as I know I will miss them once they are discontinued until next Christmas. Sad face. 

Well done Lush, well done.

Have you used this bath bomb? 
Do you think id love any of the others? Let me know in the comment box!



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